Magazines and thanks!

I just got tipped off about old issues of magazines with good articles on the White House, and I managed to find them on Ebay and buy them for $17 each (including shipping):

  • Life: January 4, 1937—The Roosevelt White House (with a diagram of the West Wing to die for)
  • Life: July 5, 1968—Special Issue: The Presidency, with diagrams and photos (the primary source for my East Wing floor plan)
  • Rolling Stone: July 29, 1976—President Ford’s son Jack in the White House

Thanks to Alec and Rod….

…And many thanks to Sharon, Kathryn, and especially Lynne for their donations and happy new year to all!

By the way, feel free to suggest any other old White House magazine issues. The Internet is amazing. I’m telling you, this thing is going to be big.

West Wing history

Visitor Alec sent me photos of a tiny government publication from 1995 called Architecture of the West Wing of the White House. He made modifications to the c1911 diagram to make it a more authentic 1909 diagram, and I used the photos he sent to create a 1935 diagram from the 1945 one. Other photos confirmed Pete’s current floor plan. See the First Floor of the West Wing History page.

Thanks Alec!

The White House in 3D – a mini-tour

I’ve finally managed to produce a high-quality version of the animation of Pete Sharkey’s 3D President’s Park with narration by me. If you go to YouTube, you should see a little “watch in high quality” link in the lower right for best quality.

The next step is naturally to go inside the White House, and with Pete hard at work on various rooms (have you seen Wingnut’s Workings lately?) the only trick will be making the transitions seamless. And then, if I can get Pete to create them: historical versions of the White House in 3D. Imagine flying over Lincoln’s or Jefferson’s White House….

The elusive Dana Perino

I happened to catch part of The Situation Room on CNN that showed a short video of Dana Perino in her office. That’s the first I’ve seen of that scenario and yes, she uses the same rounded L-shaped desk I’ve come to know and love.

Does Perino not do gaggles? Are photos not allowed in her office? She can’t be camera-shy…. Given her rather fabulous good looks*, you would think photogs would be crawling over each other to snap her picture in every venue.

It also occurs to me that, judging by this photo, she is all of about 5 foot 2, so she’d have to do press gaggles in her office standing on a chair.

* This site is apolitical, but not blind.