New front page – site down

I put a new snowy image on the front page of the site.

At this writing, the site is temporarily down. This is true of my other sites as well, so it seems to be a GoDaddy problem.

EDIT 30 minutes later… Everything seems back to normal now.


I’ve deleted my Facebook account

I haven’t used my Facebook account to get to the Facebook White House Fanatics pages in a long time, largely because I really never liked Facebook. I’ve never used my account for anything else, and I’ve become annoyed recently at being contacted by

  • People I haven’t known for 30 years adding me as a friend
  • The way I’ve unintentionally authorized access to my Facebook account information when commenting on other Websites
  • The long history of Facebook privacy scandals (most recently the one in which founder Mark Zuckerberg’s own private photos were accessed)

If you get a message saying I’ve “defriended” you or deleted my account or whatever, rest assured it isn’t personal. I don’t hate you.

I just hate Facebook.