Museum proposal

Last week, I called the offices of Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) and Congressman Chris Chocola (R-IN 2nd) to ask about sending them my proposal for a real museum of the White House (you can find the link at right). The congressman’s local head of staff took my call immediately and requested the proposal by e-mail. The senator’s staff suggested I mail it physically to a local staff member. I got it professionally printed and spiral bound to look important, and today I sent it off.

I contacted the mayor’s office in South Bend several weeks ago and had a nice conversation with a member of his staff who had served on museum boards before. He was open to the idea but warned me that the city couldn’t bear the cost. I sent him the proposal by e-mail then, and copied him on the note to the congressman’s office.

And just now I called the local office of Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN). His local office head answered and was very helpful with suggestions of adding history and civics classes to the idea, which might also garner Department of Education funding. I sent her the proposal by e-mail also.

In all cases, the people I talked to were polite and helpful and took the proposal seriously. I’m hoping that their bosses take it the same way and I get some responses one way or the other.

Welcome to the Oval Office

Welcome to the Oval Office, the weblog for the White House Museum at I’ve set this up to encourage visitors to comment on aspects of the museum and suggest improvements, corrections, or additions.

I’ve never used blog software before, so I’ll be experimenting here at first, so bear with me.

^^^ this is how I sign my messages. It doesn’t mean anything; it’s just a way of dressing up my initial.