Pottery Barn Decor

Us magazine is reporting that Michelle Obama and Michael Smith will decorate the family quarters with items from Pottery Barn. Now, maybe I’m stupid, but how much pottery can the first family need?

The article also mentions that the first kids will have to do “chores like pouring milk on their own cereal.” I don’t think pouring milk qualifies as a chore if it doesn’t first involve milking a cow.

New floor plans

You may have noticed changes to the new floor plans on the mirror site. Pete and I are in the process of revising them for best accuracy—which has sometimes involved laborious new scrutiny of photos and historical diagrams. And we have decided to change the tops of the walls to white.

The east wing is coming, as is the sub-basement; and eventually all the floor plans will have white wall tops.

White House Revealed

Everybody’s getting into the act…. Now The Smithsonian channel is premiering White House Revealed on February 16, President’s Day in high definition and narrated by Martin Sheen. From the commercial, it seems to focus on the staff.

Also, I’ve added some more pics from the C-SPAN documentary.

WHM goes international

In addition to my interviews with Japanese TV, Pete Sharkey’s 3D model of the White House appeared on Austrian television…! From Wingnut’s Workings:

On Inauguration Day I had the honor and pleasure of having my White House model of the Residence and Wings used by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation for their coverage on January 20th.

Congratulations to Pete!