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White House Flickr still blank

February 13, 2017

The official Flickr account of the White House, well exercised by the Obama administration, remains blank after three weeks into the succeeding administration. Pete Souza’s work (which is still available at a new Obama White House account) was not of much interest to a White House enthusiast. He hardly shot a single photo of a space rather than people, and very few in non-public parts of the White House. (Architectural Digest salvaged things by documenting the Obama White House in its final days.) We would hope that the incoming administration would change have a different photographic style, but we’ll apparently have to wait a bit longer.



February 8, 2017

Added a bunch of Nixon-era photos and a little earlier, courtesy of Patrick. Thanks! See What’s New.


More updates

January 21, 2017

Added a load of more pictures, thanks in part to Pete Sharkey. Pete is the genius who created the 3D models of the White House and the floor plans.

Look inside the Obama Residence (hat tip to MJSchultz)


Trump moves in

January 21, 2017

Trump is using Clinton’s gold drapes and Reagan’s sunburst rug in the Oval Office in his opening days. George W Bush also used Reagan’s rug in his first days.

The Reagan, Bush 2, and Obama rugs are all very beautiful, in my personal opinion. I don’t think the gold drapes go well with the rug (Clinton’s rug was blue) or with the walls, which Obama changed from its traditional white to the pale beige stripes. But Obama’s drapes (like Reagan’s) were burnt orange, which I didn’t care much for.

The Obamas’ decorating style (care of Michael Smith) was very different from first families before. In many ways, it was more contemporary (particularly in the choice of art) and casual, with the repeated use of bark-like patterns in the carpets (even in the State Dining Room). The Treaty Room, in particular, took on the look of a swanky Chicago penthouse.

This is likely to change markedly in the coming months.




January 20, 2017

Published a load of updates today. Check out the What’s New page.


Updates coming

December 11, 2016

Thanks to all for the notes. I’ve busied myself for many months now doing local history research, but I promise to return to the White House Museum to do some updates this week. The Architectural Digest photos, the presidential library additions, and more!


Nancy Reagan passes away at 94

March 6, 2016

Former first lady Nancy Reagan has died at the age of 94. President Ronald Reagan died in 2004. Best wishes to the family.