The White House in 3D – a mini-tour

I’ve finally managed to produce a high-quality version of the animation of Pete Sharkey’s 3D President’s Park with narration by me. If you go to YouTube, you should see a little “watch in high quality” link in the lower right for best quality.

The next step is naturally to go inside the White House, and with Pete hard at work on various rooms (have you seen Wingnut’s Workings lately?) the only trick will be making the transitions seamless. And then, if I can get Pete to create them: historical versions of the White House in 3D. Imagine flying over Lincoln’s or Jefferson’s White House….

4 thoughts on “The White House in 3D – a mini-tour

  1. Very, VERY nicely done Peter and Derek!

    When it comes to the interior, I would prefer the historic interiors to be done before the historic exteriors — but that is, of course, a HUGE job.

  2. I’m always humbled by the compliments. And it’s an honor for Derek to add his creative flair into the mix and set it to the medium of the moving picture. Thank you Derek. Very nice highlight reel. 🙂

  3. Yes! Yes!! Do “fly-overs” of historical White Houses from a couple of different periods! In your (ahem…) spare time, I mean.

    : )

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