Early Roosevelt Room, Ushers Room, and more

I did another pass thru the Library of Congress and found a few new photos, including the Roosevelt Room before it was even the Fish Room and the Ushers Room and Linen Room. These happen to feature staff, and it’s nice to see Mr. Crim and Mrs. Nesbitt in what are practically portraits.

I also added a couple of brand new photos of the Tennis Court as basketball court.

[The/Fifth] Avenue in the Rain

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

I got a question about the location of Hassam’s The [or Fifth] Avenue in the Rain painting during the second Bush administration. I recall looking for it at one time and not finding it, but does anyone recall seeing it hanging anywhere in one of the White House videos, perhaps?

It hangs now in the Oval Office, next to the desk, as shown in the new photo I’ve posted.

New front page — JBK bedroom

I’ve changed the front page for October to one of my favorites: Jackie Kennedy’s bedroom.

I’ve continued looking for new photos on the Library of Congress site, the Google Life photos site, and the White House Flickr feed, but there isn’t much new. I have some video captures that were sent to me that I’ve been meaning to add, but there’s not a whole lot that’s really new, just slightly different perspectives.