New front page

I’ve changed the front page. A little cheeky, perhaps.

I’ve also changed the links on the right, since I took the mirror down months ago. And a couple of weeks ago I added a picture of the VP’s office, with new blue walls. Nice. Too bad we don’t get to see more.

Happy new year!

I’ve changed to front page again, and I’ve added a few new photos from the White House Flickr feed from the last couple of months. I have some other things to get to as well.

Also, I got this note I’m not sure about. I missed the documentary in question….

Last month, I saw a PBS documentary about the role of the White House photographer, and it showed him, Pete Souza, in his office. The office is identified in the documentary as the former White House barbershop, with the only remnant of its former use being the mirror on the wall.

This contradicts the museum’s photos, which suggest that the Homeland Security Council office is in the former barbershop.

New front page and other changes

I’ve changed the front page for January. It’s a photo of the original Press Briefing Room created by Richard Nixon that I first used back in the fall of 2007.

Also, I’ve changed the menus a little. This puts Air Force 1 and the vice-president’s residence pages on the Home menu and moves About, Q&A, and Site Map over to Overview. However, I haven’t extended the change to every page yet, just the main ones.

My resolution for the new year is to rebuild the site in a format that is easier to maintain in this way, probably using PHP rather than straight HTML, or possibly using a wiki. This would break any links that outside sites have to the current pages, which is something I hate, but I should be able to figure out some automated way of making sure it degrades gracefully (automatic redirects, etc.).

I’m open to any ideas about layout changes. Since I designed the site in mid-2006 (3-and-a-half years ago), the collection of photos for each room has ballooned enormously. I hate galleries of images that are displayed in separate pages or pop-ups, but loading all the images can be tedious.

New front page — JBK bedroom

I’ve changed the front page for October to one of my favorites: Jackie Kennedy’s bedroom.

I’ve continued looking for new photos on the Library of Congress site, the Google Life photos site, and the White House Flickr feed, but there isn’t much new. I have some video captures that were sent to me that I’ve been meaning to add, but there’s not a whole lot that’s really new, just slightly different perspectives.

Front page north elevation blueprint

Some time ago, I created a blueprint-style image of the south elevation of the mansion as a front page. Today, I’ve followed up with a north elevation in the same style. As usual, you can see all the front pages on the Front Page Gallery.

Happy Independence Day!

The White House photo stream has some nice new pics of the south lawn and West Wing interiors. In some of them, the president has got that football again. He’d better not come crying to me if he breaks something and gets grounded for a week.