C-Span’s White House Week

Don’t forget about C-Span’s “White House Week,” starting December 14, which will include a tour. From the trailer, it looks pretty good. Already, I see it will give us good wide-angle view of the Flower Shop and Pastry Kitchen in addition to all the usual state rooms and family quarters. Still no hint of the Living Room and Master Bedroom or even the East and West Bedrooms on the north side, nor anything on the third floor. It would be nice to see what the Bushes have done with the Clinton’s Music Room, at least. And it would be nice to the see the grounds in detail, especially the new pool house.

5 thoughts on “C-Span’s White House Week

  1. In the preview on CSPAN's Q&A, Mark Farkas stated they were not allowed to film the Presidential bedroom or the pool area. I guess those areas will have to remain private.

  2. As curious as I am about such things, too, I am supportive of any decision not to film the most personal quarters used by the president and family. I could go along with shots of empty but newly-redecorated rooms as not being violations of privacy.

    But the family kitchen doesn’t fall into this category, nor the baths adjoining the suites at the east end. Nor what’s behind the door in the northwest corner of the Treaty Room!

  3. I agree with Duane. I think that maybe at the end of an administration the first family may wish to release photos of their bedrooms, but if they don’t it shouldn’t be something people get upset about. The private residence doesn’t belong to “The People” . . . I mean yeah the whole White House belongs to the public, but that shouldn’t mean you have a right to demand to see what the bedroom looks like.

    And if it looks more homey in those areas because they wanted it to feel more like a real home and not a museum . .so be it. If the sofa is ugly but makes them happy, it’s their business.

  4. Let’s get to down to brass tacks. The main concern of privacy in the case of the master suite is whether or not the president and first lady sleep in separate beds. While that was of little account as late as Nixon’s era, much political hay would be made of it today. I don’t personally care if the Clintons or Bushes shared a bed; I’d just like to see the way they decorated.

    Not showing off the pool house is a different mystery. My guess: bean bag chairs and black light posters.

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