White House Week on C-SPAN

Today is the beginning of White House Week, C-SPAN’s answer to Shark Week.

They even have a floor plan. The “Chocolate Shop” is placed in the basement. I recall seeing a reference to this before; is it really different from the Pastry Kitchen on the first mez?

And there’s video of the Living Room! So much for my separate-bedrooms theory….

UPDATE: Hey! They used my version of the floor plans…!
UPDATE: Hey! They credit WHM at the end!


9 thoughts on “White House Week on C-SPAN

  1. I think it would be cool to have a link from the respective rooms on this site to the individual videos on that CSPAN site.

  2. Hey! This site was listed in the Special Thanks at the end of the program. You’ve gone legit! Congratulations Derek.

  3. Pete– I probably will do that, altho I’m afraid the links will break when they reorganize their site after the inauguration.

    Nix– Yeah, I saw it too!

  4. It was at the end of tonight’s documentary. It was mainly history; the tour with Laura is where we’ll see the Living Room, etc.

  5. Congratulations on the connection to the documentary. Given the high quality of their other sources (e.g., Seale, Allman,) it reflects on the quality of this site and how it so intelligently organizes information and visuals about the White House. Bravo.

  6. Television in the intervening half-century-plus has so raised our expectations of the medium as such! There’s hardly an audience for that old material today which we saw Monday evening.

    Nonetheless, I can remember the origial Truman tour as a child barely into double digits in age. I watched and enjoyed.

    Does anyone have Mr. Seale’s email address? I could keep him busy forever with the questions I had ready for the phone line that was only a busy signal.

  7. Yes Derek I saw that credit at the end of the show. Congrats to the WHM! I try to logon at least once or twice a week (wish it could be daily!) to see what’s new. What a quality site!

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