Mrs. Madison’s Oval Saloon

Posted an interesting artist’s conception of Mrs. Madison taking down the red curtains in the oval drawing room to spririt them to safety before the British regulars arrived and made coats out of them, or whatever she imagined would happen. I’d love to see more reconstructions of this sort of thing. Heck, they do it for dinosaurs.

…Not that I want to see Dolley Madison with a reptilian snout and feathered arms….

Also, I’ve switched the second floor layout back to show the spiral stair in place of Margaret Truman’s bathroom. I’ve tried to figure out how to wedge a lavatory in there, but it doesn’t seem possible without making the kitchen considerably smaller. Maybe that’s correct, but I won’t bother without more evidence.

AND, I redid the 1880 second floor layout and added an 1880 first floor layout.

Picture day!

Picture day at the White House! The staff apparently organized several college groups in different rooms around the Residence, and the president ran from one to the next to pose with them. Putting the Berkeley group in the bathroom seems partisan to me, but maybe they requested it…. 😉

Note: A quick check reveals no flip flops! That’s probably a WH photo op rule now, but you gotta know that some showed up in them anyway and had to borrow Laura’s pumps.

Kennedy kitchen remodel

Stephen M sent a note about the history of Margaret Truman’s bathroom and the kitchen elevator that convinces me that the bathroom still exists in place of the spiral stairs. The basic gist is that, “according to Carl Sferrazza Anthony’s book, The Kennedy White House (see page 66) the bathroom was retained.” I’ve changed the floor plan accordingly.

Harrison china

Visitor Rafael passed along photos of a piece of Harrison china he’s interested in selling.

I have an original China from Benjamin Harrison, it is a commemorative China, that was given by Harrison to a Cuban Senator. Its made by Limonges, painted by hand.

The imprint may be of help to anyone who’s interested.

Oval Office corridor

Visitor Michael pointed me to a Guardian UK page with an interesting Blair WH visit slide show, under “Washington.” (On the Guardian UK page, click on the picture that looks like the one at right.) I’ve taken a fine one of them in the corridors of the West Wing and added it to the appropriate page.

There are also a couple of great ones of the PM in the second floor Central Hall, under “A Month With Blair,” one of which I nabbed as well for that page.

New front page

I’ve changed the front page for the month of June. It’s a fantastic tinted photo portrait of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt, looking as regal as can be. Pity poor Ted, who said he could control the country or Alice, but not both.

Gallery of front pages