Roosevelt Room in 3D

Peter Sharkey has just released his terrific 3D model of the Roosevelt Room, which I have now added to the site. Typical of his painstaking work, it’s got amazingly realistic leather chairs, flags standing at the side, great-looking artwork on the walls, and all. Just fantastic.

Thanks, Pete!

8 thoughts on “Roosevelt Room in 3D

  1. Great work, but a couple of details. The picture of FDR is not in the spot shown. Instead there is the US flag, POTUS flag and the VPOTUS flag. on the other side of the credenza are the flags of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines with all their campaign ribbons.

  2. he model represents the best reproduction based on photos available to use as textures within the model. In this case there were ample photos showing FDR’s painting in the RR in recent administrations, and if anyone has close up photo the VPOTUS flag that would be great! But that is the POTUS flag in the model there with the US flag.

    Take the Library for instance. The current model I’m building is based on the previous decor since very few decent photographs of the drapery and upholstery seem to exist.

    So as I always invite folks to do, if you see a discrepency, give me a photo as a source and I’ll change it, otherwise my goal is not 100% accuracy but to get the essence of the room or near 100% correct.

    Also, the sculpture of the buffalo is not exact since I could not find a decent photo of the real one.

  3. Thank you Anon. The flag would have been a great help but what I really need is a photo of the flag drapped on a flag pole.

    And please understand, I put the FDR painting in the RR out of choice. I’m not looking for 100% accuracy as I’ve always said from day one.

  4. Hey thanks for the flag! I will give that a try. I think that just might work. Always good to have another set of eyes looking for images I can use as textures. 🙂

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