Planeta Fascinante

The latest issue of my favorite Spanish-language magazine, Planeta Fascinante, is on the stands, and I naturally rushed out to get it. So there I am, reading “Se pueden leer los pensamientos?” (“Have you lost your thoughts of Mentos?”*) and I turn the page to find none other than Peter Sharkey’s 3-D White House diagrams!

The article concerns the security of the White House and its anti-bomber defenses. Unfortunately, the editors seem to have taken the liberty of moving the Despacho Oval from the Ala Del Oeste to the Salon Amarillo, for some reason. But the images look great, don’t they?

Congratulations, Pete!

* My Spanish, she is a little rusty.

White House contractors

I got a request looking for information on businesses that do contract work for the White House. I know pretty much all the regular maintenance is done by in-house staff and the Parks Department, tho. The one thing that came to mind is the making of the Oval Office rugs and some of the furniture. Rode Brothers laid a new Oval Office floor a few years ago, for one. I believe Scott Group made the rug for the Clinton Oval Office, but I don’t know they have an ongoing relationship with the WH.

Anybody know more about this?


I took a little time finally and scanned an article from a 1902 issue of The Outlook magazine called “The White House – The Plans for Its Reconstruction” and also the recent Architectural Digest spread of the Bush 2 renovation. Look for those soon.

I also scanned the floor plan of 1 Observatory Circle (the VP residence) from American Monarchy; so I’ll create a mini-site for that soon, too.

UPDATE: 1902 article now available