Getty image trove

Christina has passed along a passel of photos from the Getty archive that I neglected in my searches (I was focused on the new Situation Room at the time). It’s a dizzying collection of candid moments thruout the Residence mainly from the Johnson and Ford years. I’ll be posting them over the weekend.

In the past, I’ve scraped the brutally ugly watermark off the handful of Getty images I’ve used, leaving a blurry smudge that isn’t necessarily better (the process involves using parts of the tiny thumbnail version). But I’ll post most of these as they are, with links to Getty for proper credit. Hopefully, publishers who can actually afford to pay for images for commercial projects will find them here and jump to the Getty site to buy them and thereby make up for my (credited, noncommercial, educational, public service, fair use) appropriation.

UPDATE: Added several photos from Johnson to Bush 1. I’m not 100% confident about the Ford Beauty Salon photo and I’m baffled by one that I initially thought was the Living Room (formerly president’s bedroom). It doesn’t seem to match the one I already have from that era and the space under the window is missing the characteristic pattered vent.

To Christina, I award the Jackie Kennedy There’s-Got-Be-Some-Decent-Antiques-Here-Somewhere Award. Thanks, Christina!

UPDATE: The votes are in on the Ford sitting room photo; it is surely the Presidential Suite of the Bethesda Naval Hospital after Mrs. Ford’s surgery.