Senator Ted Kennedy

Multi-time White House hopeful, brother to statesmen John and Robert Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy died last night after a lengthy period of poor health. Certainly a polarizing figure in his personal as well as political life, the senator was personally known to be generous and capable of compromise. Condolences to his family.

3D Capitol inauguration platform

Google has a great 3D model of the inauguration platform attached to the Capitol. At 7 MB, It’s a somewhat large file and requires Google Earth to view, but even if you don’t download it, takingĀ  a look at Washington DC in Google Earth with buildings turned on is an interesting exercise. Several buildings and a number of monuments in the vicinity of the White House have been modeled in surprising detail.

Marine Corps Museum

The US Marine Corps Museum was dedicated today. This is a good model for a real museum of White House history (PowerPoint), I think. I sent a note to the architects asking if they knew of any such effort and including links.

My Congressional representative, Chris Chocola, was defeated on Tuesday and replaced by Joe Donnelly. He doesn’t take office until January, so I’ll plan on sending him my proposal in the next couple of months.