Presidents’ bathubs

I’ve added a page just for the Living Room Bath to accommodate all the info I’ve gathered about the presidential bath, including the story of LBJ’s ridiculous shower, and a nice quote from the 1952 Plumbing News that describes the Truman bathroom. This corrects the mistake I’d made by including the LBJ story in the bath sections of the Master Dressing Room page. Meanwhile, on the Master Dressing Room page, I added a picture of the Taft bathtub to illustrate the old story about Taft getting stuck in a small tub.

However, I’m a little uncertain that the quote from the Plumbing News was actually referring to the president’s bathroom (Living Room Bath) rather than the Master Bath.

Books and photos

This past weekend, I got the WHHA’s White House History books I ordered: Kennedy 2 and Collection 1. I pulled a pic of Caroline K’s bedroom from the first, but didn’t even open the other. I’ve also ordered some videos, but not movies to review for the work-in-progress movie page. The ones I’ve ordered are historical documentaries and docu-dramas.

I’ve also quietly added a few other pics here and there (Nixon gals in the ESH, for example), but otherwise, I’ve been working on my other Web site (specifically, a new page of my photos and some other stuff).

UPDATE: Fixed the ref to Caroline’s bedroom. She had the east; Junior had the west.

A return to the second floor

I’m about a third of the way thru America’s First Families (which, it occurs to me, without the subtitle, could be a book about Eskimos), and twice Carl S Anthony refers to two back staircase on the west end second floor of the Residence. Previously, I had dismissed a similar reference as referring to the back staircase on the east end of the house that leads up to the Music Room, but Anthony is clear.

That leaves me wondering if maybe Margaret Truman’s bathroom was completely removed or drastically reduced to a tiny lavatory to allow the kitchen spiral staircase to be extended into the second floor during the Kennedy renovation that changed her bedroom into a kitchen. This is what I had thought after exploring the kitchen elevator, but later I wasn’t sure enough to keep the change.


Where the heck is this?

Welcome to the first installment of “Where the heck is this?” the fastest-growing White House trivia game on the Web. Today’s mystery: this photo was taken of three presidents at the time of the state (vice-state? semi-state? cum laude?) funeral for Hubert Humphrey in 1978, but where the heck was the picture taken? It’s driving me nuts. The combination of doors, arch transom, fireplace, and table is baffling.

Feel free to reply as a comment to this post. Nobody is using the comments feature for some reason.

UPDATE: The comment mystery is solved at least. I had user validation turned on.

SOLVED: Jack M writes: I located the Time Magazine from Jan. 30, 1978 with another picture and article by Hugh Sidey, the late Presidential Historian. It reads in part……

Almost with eagerness, Carter, Ford and Nixon followed Baker into an anteroom for a historic picture of the three. In a few minutes it was time for these people to take their places beneath the Capitol dome to honor Hubert Humphrey. Not since Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy came together in Bonham, Texas at the funeral of Sam Rayburn in 1961 has such a gathering occurred.

Second floor and West Wing

A few minor adds to the second floor and West Wing and its patio.

Pete S suggested creating a page for reviews of movies that feature the White House prominently, meant to evaluate the accuracy of the portrayal. He has done The American President. Once we’ve got a couple more (feel free to volunteer!), I’ll post it.

UPDATE: Actually, if you’re reading this weblog, you’re probably interested enough that I might as well let you see it in the draft stage.