Picture day!

Picture day at the White House! The staff apparently organized several college groups in different rooms around the Residence, and the president ran from one to the next to pose with them. Putting the Berkeley group in the bathroom seems partisan to me, but maybe they requested it…. 😉

Note: A quick check reveals no flip flops! That’s probably a WH photo op rule now, but you gotta know that some showed up in them anyway and had to borrow Laura’s pumps.

3 thoughts on “Picture day!

  1. What fun..I guess this must
    have had something to do
    with the fact that yesterday
    was NCAA champions day on
    the South Lawn of the White House

  2. It was a pretty busy day at the White House yesterday. I’m glad that it was today that I went through on the standard tour after a friend graciously got me a tour pass (through the proper channels of course). I can report that the Green Room redecoration has not yet begun. We were able to have a pretty leisurely walk through. Unfortunately, the State Dining Room was off-limits. I believe there was a lunch there for the Prime Minister of Israel.

    But it was good to see the beautiful old house again!

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