3 thoughts on “Open post: renovations

  1. I’m glad to know that the “W” Bushes simplified the Clinton Lincoln Sitting Room. I always thought it was a bit overdone.

    So here’s my question: If Hillary is elected President, will Bill Clinton – as First Lady – “restore” the Hillary Clinton/Khaki Hockersmith decor in the Lincoln Sitting Room?

  2. I love anything to do with
    the White House..I am glad
    I found this site..About
    the upstairs central hall..I
    bet there are all sort of
    hidden passageways on the
    second floor. As for
    renovating the Green Room..
    That is a great idea..during
    the Christmas tours of the
    White House next to the
    Red Room the Green Room
    is my favorite.

  3. I was glad to read that Laura made changes to the Lincoln Sitting Room. It looked a little too, Belle Watling’s waiting room (Gone With The Wind reference), for my tastes. Quite hideous actually. Being a great admirer of Mrs. Kennedy, and her restoration efforts, I’m reminded of what she called all the “heavy” Victorian accents…she called them “horrors”. I think she had it right in 1961-1963.

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