Kennedy kitchen remodel

Stephen M sent a note about the history of Margaret Truman’s bathroom and the kitchen elevator that convinces me that the bathroom still exists in place of the spiral stairs. The basic gist is that, “according to Carl Sferrazza Anthony’s book, The Kennedy White House (see page 66) the bathroom was retained.” I’ve changed the floor plan accordingly.

5 thoughts on “Kennedy kitchen remodel

  1. Certainly, if the bath had been retained, it would have been reduced to a mere lavatory, no?
    Depending on the size of the elevator and the reduced bath, perhaps there is still room for a spiral stairs, which seems to me to be redundant in any case. Such a staircase is difficult to walk, especially if one is carrying anything. But that can be said for the combo staircase and lift from the kitchen to the pantry above. Or am I missing something?

  2. Calling Dr. Bombay, Dr. Bombay- emergency! come right away! Maybe he can channel JFK to see if he remembers if Margaret’s loo was left intact!

  3. I’m nearly 100% certain that in Mr. West’s book he says that the bathroom was turned into a pantry. There’s a great book by Jerald Packer called American Monarchy all about Presidentila Life and the White House, etc. I believe in it the author talks of how for many years after the Kennedy kitchen was put in the original bath tub remained but with shelves just built over and above it. It was during Nancy Reagan’s renovation of the Family Quarters that the bathroom was completely removed, the spiral staricase was brought through and now runs from cellar to attic. I will double check and confirm that the Packer book is my source on this.

    By the way, do whatever you can to obtain this book…a Must-Have for every White House-phile.

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