7 thoughts on “Mrs. LBJ hospitalized

  1. Mrs. Johnson has (in addition to whatever else may have her in the hospital) Macular Degeneration (sp?)which is a slow disolving of the retinas of her eyes. My step-grandmother (age 99 1/2) has this same thing and as a understand it, Lady Bird is virtually totally blind (as is my grandmother). Both of them strong southern ladies with an amazing outlook on life. God Bless Lady Bird!

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  2. Chiming in here to wish Lady Bird a speedy get well. In 1993, my Father, late Mother and late sister toured the LBJ Library and then the LBJ Ranch. As our tram approached the front of the Ranch House, and turned into the driveway. the guide announced “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are indeed in good fortune today, as Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson is in residence this weekend. Mrs. Johnson waved with one hand on her walking stick. She and a group of older women, one of whom I recognized as Liz Carpenter, her former Press Secretary, approached the tram and Lady Bird said ‘I’d like to thank you all for coming out today and touring our home’ She spoke briefly with two small children and we let them go on their way. The group announced that they were leaving for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center down the road. She waved us off and I was as spellbound as a small child at Christmas. That familiar soft drawl, soft as rainwater was so clear and strong. I remember thinking how I would LOVE to be her secret service agent. When she passes on, the house will become part of the park, and it will be open to visitors. I had always admired her, but later as an amateur scholar on Presidents and First Ladies, I learned what a formidible force she was and despite what some people might make of her accent, she is a brilliant woman and she was a huge component of LBJ’s presidency. Far from being the shrinking violet as she has been portrayed, or being cowed by LBJ, she could be rather brutal in her frankness of her analysis of his speeches and ideas. I just finished Michael Beschloss’ presentation of the Johnson audiotapes on iTunes, and in many ways, she helped shape policy. I always have a warm spot for her, and I know the day will come when she won’t be here.

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