Harrison china

Visitor Rafael passed along photos of a piece of Harrison china he’s interested in selling.

I have an original China from Benjamin Harrison, it is a commemorative China, that was given by Harrison to a Cuban Senator. Its made by Limonges, painted by hand.

The imprint may be of help to anyone who’s interested.

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  1. One.Million.Dollars??!!! Why you could practically buy a whole *country* for One.Million.Dollars! (Pinky finger to corner of mouth…)

  2. The Lincoln service plate *is* beautiful. When I was getting those Castleton reproduction Presidential china plates at the consignment shop, they had a Lincoln DINNER plate – as opposed to the SERVICE plate. Big difference in the two plates. The Service plate – the one with the purple rim and the eagle/american arms in the center – is the one we all think of when we think “Lincoln China”. The actual Lincoln dinner plate (what they actually bring food on after they take away the service plate) is very simple, with a buff colored rim and a small pin-stripe circle in the mmiddle. I couldn’t get excited about that one – nothing remotely “presidential” about it. It’s just a plate! But I’d love to have a reproduction of the Lincoln service plate, with the purple border.

  3. John,

    Actually the two plates are different sets of china. The purple bordered set was first bought by Mary Todd Lincoln her first year in the WH. She also ordered a personal set with the initials ML in the center instead of the eagle very much like the Martha Washington china. There was so much controversy surrounding her china (Lincoln actually paid for the personal set twice, because there was no receipt of the first payment), that she became very unsatisfied with the purple bordered china. She then ordered a new set with the beige border and circle in the center (this is sometimes referred to as the “buff bordered china”. There is a wonderful book Called White House China by Margaret Brown Klapthor and updated by Betty Monkman. The WHHA sells it (or you can find it on Amazon or ebay). Very useful and very well done. The updated (Monkman edition) stops at the Reagan China (it was published before the Clinton china was purchased). From time to time you can find reproductions of WH china produced by Limoges–Lincoln, Grant, Washington, and Hayes. If you ever come across anything about the Hayes china, it’s worth the read. Very interesting china!!!

    I hope this helps.

  4. Donate it all to the White House, it will look great on your taxes! 😉

    The Lincoln and B. Harrison china is my favs

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