Second floor mysteries

Having created a page for the Family Elevator already, I went looking today for more pics to illustrate it. I found some in the LOC’s HABS collection. But a close look at one pic revealed something I hadn’t noticed before. According to the elevator floor display, there is a second mezzanine level I didn’t know about. It can’t be very big (the first mezzanine isn’t) so it probably just includes the elevator lobby and a room over the Beauty Salon. There must also be a (probably unconnected) mez level over the Family Kitchen, since it clearly has a much lower ceiling than the Private Dining Room.

The Truman Library archives weren’t any help with the elevator, but I found a nice pic of the East Sitting Hall looking west that I somehow overlooked before.

Also, I finally made a change to the second floor layout that I’ve been mulling over. My original source for the second floor layout had doorways to the Central Hall for the East Bedroom and West Bedroom. But pictures of the hall suggested that there are bookcases that block this. Since I could see a door on the bedroom side in the East Bedroom pics, I figured maybe it was just disguised on the hall side, but a more careful examination of the layout made me realize that there must just be another little closet there instead. However, this seems like bad design architecturally. If it were my house, I probably would have combined the little closets into one nice walk-in closet and put the bathroom door on the bedroom wall.