Bits and pieces

Added Truman post-renovation color(!) pics to the Red Room, Blue Room, State Dining Room, and Lincoln Bedroom from the 1952 Report of the Commission for the Renovation of the Executive Mansion. I already had good color pics of the East Room and Green room from that time, and those were the only other color plates in the book. Added a few Johnson pics from the UT – Johnson Library site, including President’s Study. Added a Clinton-era pic of the Family Kitchen.

Added a page for the First Lady’s Offices in the East Wing, accessible by clicking anywhere on the second floor. I don’t have anything to say about the first lady’s offices, and I’m not entirely certain that all three pics I’ve included are actually taken in the East Wing offices, but something is better than nothing here, I think.

Added a few tidbits of historical anecdotes to some of the rooms (Living Room, Press Briefing Room, State Dining Room) to liven them up, per the suggestion of visitor James.