Ike on parade

Took another look at the Eisenhower Library photo repository and found a handful of photos to add to help fill out the 1950s White House. He’s playing cards in the Treaty Room, looking over a space capsule in the Roosevelt Room, sitting quietly in the OO, and appearing on TV in the Library. I’d love to have a picture of his Trophy Room (YOR) or other family rooms, but these remain elusive.

One thought on “Ike on parade

  1. I know that somewhere I have seen photos of Ike’s Trophy Room. There is a photo in J.B. West, but that wasn’t it. The photo I once saw showed many awards, ribbons, and military decorations placed all around the room. I checked my 1960 National Geographic which has a wonderful article showing the White House rooms at the end of the Eisenhower years, before the Kennedy’s moved in. That’s where I thought the photo was, but it wasn’t.

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