Books and photos

This past weekend, I got the WHHA’s White House History books I ordered: Kennedy 2 and Collection 1. I pulled a pic of Caroline K’s bedroom from the first, but didn’t even open the other. I’ve also ordered some videos, but not movies to review for the work-in-progress movie page. The ones I’ve ordered are historical documentaries and docu-dramas.

I’ve also quietly added a few other pics here and there (Nixon gals in the ESH, for example), but otherwise, I’ve been working on my other Web site (specifically, a new page of my photos and some other stuff).

UPDATE: Fixed the ref to Caroline’s bedroom. She had the east; Junior had the west.

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  1. You mean the articles with my byline? Those are written by me. Or do you mean my family on the Old-Timers softball page? Those are my older brothers reliving their well-spent youth.

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