[The/Fifth] Avenue in the Rain

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

I got a question about the location of Hassam’s The [or Fifth] Avenue in the Rain painting during the second Bush administration. I recall looking for it at one time and not finding it, but does anyone recall seeing it hanging anywhere in one of the White House videos, perhaps?

It hangs now in the Oval Office, next to the desk, as shown in the new photo I’ve posted.

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  1. The painting hug just to the left of the ceremonial entrance to the Oval Office, in the hallway between the Oval and the Roosevelt Room. The Normal Rockwell of the Statue of Liberty that’s now to the right of President Obama’s desk hung to the right of the door.

  2. That painting, “The Avenue in the Rain”, was in the Clinton Oval Office, in the same location as it is now. Kennedy and Johnson hung it in their bedroom; Carter, Reagan, and Bush I in the president’s west wing dining room. Does anyone know whether any other presidents had it displayed? It was painted in 1917 along with several others in a series of flag paintings.

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