Early Roosevelt Room, Ushers Room, and more

I did another pass thru the Library of Congress and found a few new photos, including the Roosevelt Room before it was even the Fish Room and the Ushers Room and Linen Room. These happen to feature staff, and it’s nice to see Mr. Crim and Mrs. Nesbitt in what are practically portraits.

I also added a couple of brand new photos of the Tennis Court as basketball court.

3 thoughts on “Early Roosevelt Room, Ushers Room, and more

  1. I like the new pics, although it’s a shame they aren’t as frequent as they were during last year’s election.

    What did you think of the South Portico pics I posted in the previous post?

  2. Does anybody know where a current photo of the master bathroom might be? It’s a shame these type of photos are not made available! One in color would be so nice to see!

    I love this website and I think you are doing a great job! Thank You!

  3. I know that since the George H.W. Bush administration, the White House has been extremely reluctant to publish photos of the most private rooms in the family quarters. The West Sitting Hall is fine. The Master Bedroom is not. Laura Bush gave a tour at the end of her husband’s administration, and I think Barbara Bush did something similar, but that was it. If forms a notable contrast with the Reagan administration when photos were published of many of the most private rooms, except maybe the bathrooms.

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