CBS at the White House

CBS has a video interview with Laura Bush about the holiday decor. Hannah Storm: “Now I’m off to a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot — with cardboard cutouts of the candidates!” How will she tell?

CNN has the best WH holiday pictures I’ve seen so far.

9 thoughts on “CBS at the White House

  1. It doesn’t seem as though there’s as much Christmas information available this year as in past years, but maybe it’s too early. I also wish they’d leave the politics out of Laura’s interviews. She has a deer in the headlights look when asked a “tough” question.
    Um, it’s December. I’m eagerly anticipating the December cover picture at the museum!!

    My $.02 on this snowy morning.

  2. I agree! It’s almost like everything else that has been done decoration wise at the WH–very low key. Almost too low key. I would love to see pictures of the rooms decorated for Christmas–especially the newly renovated Green Room.

  3. By the way, I just received the new "Entertaining at the White House with Nancy Reagan". Fabulous pictures of social events during Ronnie & Nancy's time at the WH. She sure knew how to throw a party. Lots of table setting pics & menus. Great photos too….especially one dinner in the Rose Garden with twinkling lights in Jackson's magnolia – enchanting!!

  4. I just got that too. An excellent book with a lot of details of the Reagans entertaining. Both the President and Mrs. Reagan had a lot of style!

  5. Bigtime snowy in Cincinnati today – all these Christmas decorations and not a single Mardi Gras decoration in sight… Most peculiar…

    Fa la la la la, la la la la….

    I think the new cover ought to be Derek in a Santa Claus suit…

    : )

  6. I want to congratulate the group on the art of subtleness.

    I felt bad for Laura (seriously)because I believe that in that kind of a setting, political questions are out of bounds. The reporter was there to see the tree, not ask about Hilary. I thought the dogs’ arrival was perfectly timed.

    Did you all notice the McKim sofa?

  7. On another note – I have seen the Reagan book and I doubt that I will buy it. There’s really not enough pictures of the White House itself. Hilary’s book does a far better job of that. I am looking forward to seeing the book on the President’s Table – food and diplomacy. Now, that sounds delicious!

  8. I have both books and am somewhat disappointed in The President’s Table. It more or less comes off as a book about Barry Landeau’s personal collection of White House memorbilia. I do very much like the Nancy Reagan pictures (although there are not that many pictures of the WH) and I agree the Hillary book is more informative.

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