Open post: Lincoln on ice

ABC chose the statue of Lincoln outside the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL to illustrate the nasty weather in the Midwest. I wonder sometimes if George Washington had weather in mind when he chose the site for DC: a nice mix of four seasons without too much snow in the winter. The heat might have been more than he counted on tho, altho it can’t be much different at Mount Vernon.

UPDATE: my own photo of an icy branch.

7 thoughts on “Open post: Lincoln on ice

  1. Yes, nasty weather in the Midwest. Brrrrrrrr. Nasty, wet, soggy, drippy weather. But the *people* are very warm and genuine.

  2. Gosh, Abe looks distinguished even with a runny nose.
    Thanks for saying we’re warm and genuine here, John. You’re sweet.

  3. Re: Betty Ford in the southwest corner room- electric cords on the floor for one to trip over, the clutter. What, no underwear ‘n’ socks on the floor? Guess livin’ in the private quarters at 1600 ain’t a whole lot different from life most other places. Somethin’ more invitin’ here, though, than down the hall in the museum-quality Treaty Room. I think I understand now why First Children hate the place; some First Adults, too. Nonetheless, Derek, keep givin’ us more glimpses private and stately.

  4. Yes, it seems like the Treaty Room was not very useful on a day to day basis, even if the President did meet folks there occasionally. I like the more current idea of keeping most of the furniture and decor, but using it as the President’s Study in the residence.

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