White House contractors

I got a request looking for information on businesses that do contract work for the White House. I know pretty much all the regular maintenance is done by in-house staff and the Parks Department, tho. The one thing that came to mind is the making of the Oval Office rugs and some of the furniture. Rode Brothers laid a new Oval Office floor a few years ago, for one. I believe Scott Group made the rug for the Clinton Oval Office, but I don’t know they have an ongoing relationship with the WH.

Anybody know more about this?

3 thoughts on “White House contractors

  1. I think some for businesses it may be safe to let them know who contracted the work, like the rug making you mentioned and so on, who mad the cabinet table. I have to wonder too if pretty much everything else is closely guarded as to who does the work. Otherwise some nutcase could try and get a job at one of those places.

  2. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Nancy Reagan who suffered a fall at her home in California. She really knew how to throw a party at the White House!!

  3. Most if not all that type of work is contracted through GSA, who owns the contracts. Many of the desks (especially in the EEOB, but in the WW as well)and furniture has been supplied by GSA, who in turn, in many cases, contracted work to organizations such as the Bureau of Prisons.

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