The president and veep’s security

I’ve had a request from a film set designer of more information on the devices in the West Wing that track the president’s movements. I hardly ever see them in photos, but someone sent me a picture a couple of years ago. I didn’t use it because I don’t document the security measures around the president, but if anyone has a photo or information about it, I’d appreciate it if you could send it to me.

Also, I’ve added some more photos of the vice-president’s residence. Others have commented that they don’t think Joe Biden was talking about One Observatory Circle when he was explaining about the “bunker.” I now think he was describing the PEOC under the East Wing. That’s where Cheney went on 9/11; I recall a photo of him and Rice there. His dinnermates probably confused that with his description of the work room on the second floor of the VP residence.

Regardless, I’m still certain there’s a bunker of some kind under 1OC. Neighbors don’t complain about blasting for nothing.

I knew this would come in handy for something

I decided I can somewhat alleviate the site slowdown problem, at least for those who check this blog. I’ve uploaded nearly the entire site to as a mirror.

It’s still loading as of the moment, but keep an eye on it. Once the images get loaded, I’ll go thru and fix things like broken navigation links (like links from the site to this blog, which of course isn’t mirrored).

UPDATE: Actually, this is going to take hours. Please be patient.
UPDATE: Okay. All done. 1OC is practically an identical copy of WHM as of yesterday. WHM now has several main room pages and floor plan pages broken out into current and historical versions, as the Oval Office has been for some time.


I took a little time finally and scanned an article from a 1902 issue of The Outlook magazine called “The White House – The Plans for Its Reconstruction” and also the recent Architectural Digest spread of the Bush 2 renovation. Look for those soon.

I also scanned the floor plan of 1 Observatory Circle (the VP residence) from American Monarchy; so I’ll create a mini-site for that soon, too.

UPDATE: 1902 article now available