WhiteHouseMuseum shutting down

I am transitioning away from GoDaddy and shutting down old websites. WhiteHouseMuseum was created in html in 2006 and has not aged well. I will keep all the files and may try to recreate the site in the future, but for now I plan to shut it down.

You may contact me at derekzarban@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “WhiteHouseMuseum shutting down

  1. Please keep it going 🙏🏻! So many rely on your treasure trove of information. I visit it daily.

  2. Your site is vital to so many of us. I would be more than happy to make a financial contribution to assist in any transitioning. Please let me know if I may help. It’s a fantastic site. Thank you.

  3. I’m with Leon! Your site has provided hours of educational fun as I study and take in the details of comparison images of some of my favorite State Rooms and those less important but still interesting! Thank You!

  4. I am very sad to hear this! Your site has been on of my favorite sites online! I hope you can find the drive to continue in a newer format. I know this site will be greatly missed, thank you for all the years of wonderful information, pictures and drawings! No better White House site, not even the official sites can beat yours! So again thank you!

  5. Like others have mentioned, this site is of great value to us who have a great interest in this! Could a facebook page or private facebook group be done with the same content? If this particular site must go, please create another as I’m sure that this site is dear to many white house enthusiasts! You provide such valuable & great content, and it’s full of the rich history of The White House! I’m sure some may also use this site in teaching history about The White House. If you need some support on finding and posting content, I’m sure there may be some of us that would be happy to be contributers and I would be happy to be one of a few contributers! Please keep us enthusiasts posted and sure hope another site can be created soon!!

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