8 thoughts on “State Dining Room redecoration

  1. Overall, the refurbishment result is much more stately and serious. The draperies are spectacular and a welcome change from the colonial floral basket design. The reproduction Madison chairs add a much needed balance with the Roosevelt side boards. And, not to worry about food stains, there were two identical carpets created so they can swap one out when the other is out for cleaning.

  2. The Obamas have a slightly odd preference for a rattan or reed weave look. You can see it here at the edge and in the Oval Office rug, and in the walls of the Treaty Room. I like it, but it doesn’t feel very stately to me.

  3. I’m still reeling from the awful redo of the Old Family Dining Room. I can’t believe the WHHA condoned this bizarre design!

  4. Derek, please update photos of the State Dining Room and Old Family Dining Room. The Oval could use some more recent photos as well. Pete Souza has tons of current Oval Office photos. Like the Obama changes or not (I happen to really appreciate most of them) they are a part of the history of the house now and should be shown here.

    In defense of the current Family’s different tastes, Michelle Obama’s efforts to showcase modern (20th Century) artists in the WH are important and largely very tastefully done. The WH cannot be stuck in time. Historic rooms now showcase subtle additions of newer artists, and a room previously sealed off from public view, the OFDR, has been opened as floor-to-ceiling display of modern art and sensibilities. The Obamas are continuing a long tradition of living stewardship of the People’s House.

  5. I’m Sorry, but the State Dining Room Looks terrible, until i saw the Family Dining Room, it reminds me of a low class downtown hollywood set from Mad Men or something. This IS The White House. I’m sorry she took out the elegance that once, was, The White House, and ruined it…If I had the money she spent on that design I would gladly give it back and do something better.

  6. I like the State Dining Room redesign a lot better than the family dining room. I don’t think modern art belongs on the State Floor. The rug and pictures in the family dining room would be fine for the family quarters but NOT the State Floor. The rooms on the first floor should be a living museum, reflecting the best of historical furnishings of the past. It’s obvious the committee was more concerned with pleasing the First Lady than preserving the historic integrity of the White House.

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