Ford photos

Jack M pointed me to a nice clutch of photos on the Gerald Ford Library Facebook page, including one of Peter Graves playing the clarinet with the Marine Corps Band.

3 thoughts on “Ford photos

  1. Great shot of the Nixon-designed West Sitting Hall. The best drapery treatment of the lunette window ever! This must have been taken shortly after the Nixons left Washington. Many think that Pat Nixon was under appreciated for her efforts in White House stewardship!

  2. Your are correct Mike B – here is the caption from the Ford Library

    “Betty Ford goes over plans with Susan Ford, Nancy Howe, Rex Scouten, and White House staff in the second floor West Sitting Hall during a tour of the White House on August 13, 1974.”
    This was the first tour of the family quarters for Betty Ford and daughter Susan after President and Mrs Nixon moved.

    Jack M

  3. Exactly, Jack M. Interesting to note that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis used that same fabric (Jardin de Tuileries) for the bed hangings in her 1040 Park Avenue bedroom. Always will be a classic!

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