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I haven’t had much to do in the White House Museum lately. I make small corrections when someone points them out, but the Obama administration hasn’t released much in the way of interesting photos of White House spaces, and I haven’t come across any interesting cache of old photos for a while.

However, I’m grateful to Patrick Phillips-Schrock, who donated again to fully sponsor the Green Room blueprints. He is working now on a second book about the White House. I think there are probably some photos and information in his first book that I should try to incorporate into the site as well.

Other sponsorships are still available, and of course donations of any sort are always welcome. The site it not especially expensive to maintain, but the blueprints were costly, and finding a way to preserve them (and, hopefully, make copies for sale) will be a challenge. One day, I hope to see them hang in a proper museum.

Perhaps in the meantime, I’ll photograph parts of them and post those on the blog here.

3 thoughts on “Blueprint sponsorship

  1. Thank you Derek for your continued work. It is difficult finding previously untapped sources for interesting old/new unseen pictures. I am also grateful to Patrick for his book and sponsorship of the Green Room blueprints. I got his book the first day they were available, and have enjoyed reading it. I’m very happy to hear that he’s working on a new book. I may be adding to my sponsorships and I hope that others will see the historic importance of these blueprints and sponsor as well.

  2. Great historical Blue Room images! Any idea where that massive French style chandelier went? It doesn’t appear to be reinstalled elsewhere in the WH.

  3. Regarding the empty Oval Office, I never realized the beauty of those unadorned windows. The are usually covered in an over abundance of draperies and swags. Hopefully the next occupant will take advantage of their architectural details and leave them with a simpler window treatment inside the casing.

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