White House Flickr still blank

The official Flickr account of the White House, well exercised by the Obama administration, remains blank after three weeks into the succeeding administration. Pete Souza’s work (which is still available at a new Obama White House account) was not of much interest to a White House enthusiast. He hardly shot a single photo of a space rather than people, and very few in non-public parts of the White House. (Architectural Digest salvaged things by documenting the Obama White House in its final days.) We would hope that the incoming administration would change have a different photographic style, but we’ll apparently have to wait a bit longer.

One thought on “White House Flickr still blank

  1. The East Room’s east wall has no windows, save for the window wall that provides entrance to the East Terrace. However, the exterior east wall shows four windows. It is evident that a false interior wall had been constructed to cover the fenestration. It seems to me that removing that interior wall and exposing the four windows would admit more light into the room–or surely return the room to its original design.

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