Inside Obama’s circle

Visitor James sent a link to an interesting article and series of photos [warning: language] that explores the president’s electronics.

UPDATE: Per the discussion, here is an artist’s rendition of what a good potential Obama Oval Office rug might look like.

Obama Oval Office Bears rug Obama Oval Office Bulls rug

12 thoughts on “Inside Obama’s circle

  1. Interesting. The red does not fit well with the decor- should change the actual button to black.

    But speaking of decor. I think some changes should be done in the oval office so Obama can truly call it his own. I personally would remove those busts, plates. Replace the rug and drapes, get a new coffee table and sofas.

    I liked the bold colors of clinton. Get his rug back and go with a red and gold sofa, blue curtains without all the frill (loved the valance style in the 1974 ford photo), and gold chairs.

    For the sofa style… I find the shape of them to be I guess – annoying. Here we have these wonderful curved walls with all kinds of square furniture in it (though I wonder about the grandfather clock). In the Johnson Oval they had curved sofas and they fit in quite nicely. Here is a link to a furniture company that carries a few curved sofas and the one I like is Dellinger –

    Coffee table well oval of course!

  2. I agree the OO should be changed and decorated to a way that President Obama likes. I did like the Clinton rug. I’m hoping it will happen sooner than later, but the way the economy is, I don’t think it would look very good to change so much at once. I do agree to get rid of those ugly red and green plates GWB had on the shelves to the right of the west door in the OO that leads to the President’s Private Study and Dining Room.

  3. I’m on record as saying I like the subtler earthtones of the Reagan and Bush 2 Oval Office rugs more than the bold Clinton rug, but I too would like Obama to redecorate to his own taste. Maybe a big Chicago Bears logo in the middle this time?

  4. Being that he’s a basketball fan he probably would have the Chicago Bull’s logo in the rug…LOL! Also for meals, they have to serve real Chicago style pizza! =)

  5. LOL. That is a great concept.

    He is more a basketball fan (Bulls) or south sider (White Sox) which calls for the BOLD baby (ode to Michael Steele).

  6. Derek, I see you got the pic with the Bull’s logo on the rug..LOL! Nice touch! Any indication as to if and where Obama will place an indoor basketball court, that is if he has one installed? Surprised there’s not a batting cage installed for the Presidents who loved baseball, like the Bush’s. Any way to look up what President’s were big on poker?

  7. He has said that he’s had backboards added to the tennis court so he can play full court. He’ll probably play there all summer. When the weather gets cold again, he my well have the court enclosed by a temporary building.

    And we all know what happens to temporary buildings on the WH grounds.

  8. LOL. Those photoshops are hilarious!

    Seriously,thanks for this place Derek. You take such good care of us with White House news. And thanks to people who find links and photos!

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