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LincolnVisitor Seth passed along an interesting article on a newly-discovered photograph of Abraham Lincoln standing in front of the WH, found in the personal album of US Grant. It’s probably the last photo taken of him alive, but just as important it shows us exactly how Lincoln looked from 200 feet away and slightly blurry.

It also suggests that Lincoln was a bit of a braggart, having erected a red post on the north lawn labeled with his 6′ 4″ height. I’m glad this didn’t become a tradition or we would have them scattered all over the grounds by now (and you know Taft would have added a hoop to his to indicate girth).

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  1. I wonder if Taft’s hoop would have been the same width as his Red Post was tall? Maybe Taft could have placed a sphere there, instead of a post?

    I thought that old photograph with the Lincoln-sized post was quite unique. : )

  2. It’s always good to see historic photos of Presidents at the WH. Speaking of photos at the WH, on youtube if you type in behind the scenes the white house, scroll down & you will find a video of the Today Show’s Al Roker speaing with WH photographer Chris Morris, and during the interview they show different photos Chris took, and I think some of those photos would be great to add to the WHM site. Two photos for sure… one of Cheney in the dining room off the OO waiting for Bush. On the left side of the photo you see the door is open along with the door of the presidents private study open. It shows the proximity of how close the dining room is to the Presidents study. The other pic is of the Situation Room. It appears to be the larger confrence room compared to ones currently posted on WHM where the confrence room seems to be smaller. Derek, Pete…could we add these 2 pics, and any others from that video you like, to the WHM site?

  3. Taking another look at the Situation Room photos we have on WHM, maybe the pic of the Sit room on the youtube video I mentioned might be the same room as the pics currently posted on the WHM, not sure. Looking at the floor plan, looks like there are two video confrence rooms. Is the briefing room on the floor plan the small confrence room shown in a photo currently on the WHM for the sit room?

  4. Steve,

    There is the larger new main teleconferencing room in the upper area and the smaller “Situation Room” in the lower area that is the room that the most secret and sensitive meetings occur.

  5. The pic shown in the video is the teleconferencing room on the upper level and the WHM already has plenty of photos of that room.

  6. The Christopher Morris photos are up on my photo blog Derek. However the photo of the Private Dining Room doesn’t appear to be available online.

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