An Historic Guide

The White House: An Historic GuideI got an e-mail notice today that the new An Historic Guide is available, so I ordered mine. It’s been available for a little while, but I just got the notice.

I’m looking forward to official pics of the new Press Briefing Room and the walk-thru of the exterior, but I don’t think it will be all that amazing. I do recommend the White House History books tho. They’re wonderful.

An Historic Guide

Stephen M reports that the WHHA says:

The White House: An Historic Guide is temporarily out of print.  A new
edition is currently in production and will be released in early 2011.  It
will include updated text and photographs and will mark the 50th anniversary of the guide and the association.

We will post ordering information on our website soon.

So a new edition is in the works. Hooray!

Old-timey White House funtacular

Pete S sent me a bunch of scans from one of the WHHA collections that I don’t have (but which I will order shortly), with a treasure trove (is there any other kind of trove?) of old-timey TR and Coolidge era pics of the family residence and old temporary Executive Office Building, which I’ve incorporated in too many places to list. Check the What’s New page.

There is an especially juicy diagram of TR’s original EOB, which I had tried to add before but which I couldn’t get a good image of. I’ve relabeled the rooms so you can see the layout of it really well.