White House wedding bells?

I don’t normally pass along celebrity “news” or, for that matter, any news at all except as it relates to the WHM website, but….

In a weird White House convergence, E! Online is reporting that Elisabeth Moss—first daughter Zoey Bartlet on The West Wing (and Peggy Olsen on MadMen) will marry Fred Armisen, who regularly portrays Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live. Best wishes for a kidnapping-free wedding day.

West Wing miscellany

I posted Pete’s review of The West Wing season 3 (and my review of Backstairs has been up since I blogged it) on the Movies & TV page.

As a result of Pete’s interest in the failed Truman West Wing addition, I posted pics of the fulls set of drawings on the Truman Reconstruction page. There’s floors G, 1, & 2, pics of Side and Cross section and revised version 2.

Update: White House just posted pics of Bush with Merkel, including a teleconference in the brand new Sit Room. Added to the What’s New page. And, I’ve added links to the What’s New page to the front page, About, and the menu.

TV West Wing

Made some changes to the TV West Wing page to include some of the most relevant parts of Pete’s review of season 1 and not include the Amazon ad link. Then I added a link to this page from Wikipedia’s page on the TV show.

I wanted to be sure the page WP links to is as relevant and non-spammy as possible. The WHM get quite a bit of traffic from Wikipedia’s White House pages (I put links on several of the room pages, most of which I started in the first place), so I figured I might get a bit more traffic from WW fans.