Added some miscellaneous stuff the other day from Truman and Bush 1.

Also, I got a nice note from a retired USSS man (Ike and Johnson eras) and chatted with him by phone about the history of the USSS in the WH. He says the USSS has added an archivist who is gathering history to assemble a better picture of the service over the years.

He described the decision to convert a storage room under the Oval Office into a USSS shift leader office around 1965 (the press was lobbying for that space, but his security detail convinced LBJ that having journalists a few feet directly under his office was a bad idea). That’s the only security office I have labeled. I’ve been very hands-off when it comes to WH security measures, but if the officials in the service see fit to release a comprehensive book, I’ll borrow from that to add to the site.