Lincoln stained glass

Knowing my (and my readers’) general interest in architecture as well as the presidency, and perhaps my substantial time spent in Columbus, OH, visitor Ray writes:

I’m trying to do some research about a one of kind artifact that came out of the old Franklin County courthouse in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve enclosed a photo of the window, it was made in 1892 and was removed when the courthouse was demolished.
The architect was George Maetzel, who also built many other courthouses in the mid-west and I’m trying to research who made this window. There are similar windows made in the Madison County courthouse in London, Ohio and I’m guessing that they were made by the same person.
I’d appreciate any info you might have and would be grateful if you can point me in the right direction.

Marine Corps Museum

The US Marine Corps Museum was dedicated today. This is a good model for a real museum of White House history (PowerPoint), I think. I sent a note to the architects asking if they knew of any such effort and including links.

My Congressional representative, Chris Chocola, was defeated on Tuesday and replaced by Joe Donnelly. He doesn’t take office until January, so I’ll plan on sending him my proposal in the next couple of months.