Updates coming

Thanks to all for the notes. I’ve busied myself for many months now doing local history research, but I promise to return to the White House Museum to do some updates this week. The Architectural Digest photos, the presidential library additions, and more!

9 thoughts on “Updates coming

  1. The White House YouTube channel has uploaded a tour of the residence, with some great shots of the family quarters in the Obama era.

  2. Its been too long on this great site. Look forward to the updates. I think the Obamas have tried to help the White House bridge the centuries.

  3. if even all the gardens were as beautiful as the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden at the east side wing is given the traversing pergola would make believe that peace is a value once again given and not made by man. Per gola’n’no systems made me preview a danger when climbing on the heights, but at the other side of the mountains the spots are called the Mountaims of the Sheikh, and guess you who is for one day that Sheikh being well? My kitchen spreads this feaver virus of the sheikh creates when treated with some aspirines a final conference menu at least to care for the quarterpounder ordered to be my breakfast today arrives before this sunday evening falls and asks me to accept this dreams we carried with as if they’re painted with blues on the many broken Ming vases around showing.

  4. though the inhabitants of the White House changed one of these days it seems to me at the human side there has been a change in the sense one family moved out, another one moved in, if it were only for reasons there is no sense to let a good house which could serve like a home for people needing a place that way unoccupied – i.e. it is always better when people live in a place than to let a house be empty. So could it be looking back now already on the home situation the last family made of the installations and the way they’ve used the manor would be to early, too it is that way not the right moment to take the look back like this next one needs time to settle and the manor needs to become lined up with the new style of living. Seems the social occupation of the new family is widely different from the status of the last one. Moving over to another place is the second radical change one can experience in his life. Take care of such a characterization of what is going on, you don’t know about personal backgrounds and emotional repercussions, and the aspectuality of the operation of moving out and in to the identity of the Manor you cannot predict.

    Blessing by br. Clement of WH dept. pastoral service

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