New West Wing construction being completed

The Washington Post reports that construction going on for years around the West Wing is being completed now, with the fences and such coming down and the equipment silenced. The official line is only that the utilities have been upgraded: sewers, storm drains, steam pipes, and so on, and not that any additional office space, parking, or bomb shelter has been created. If that’s true, it seems like a missed opportunity.

2 thoughts on “New West Wing construction being completed

  1. I find it hard to believe that after years of construction, only a utilty upgrade was installed. It’s totally understandable if more was done for security reasons, though. Anything to protect this fascinating and enduring symbol if fine with me!

  2. I have to say, as a huge history buff, using the dated photo’s on this website and comparing them to the finds of bricked up doors, old wallpaper etc. in the photo’s of the Truman renovation to see when they are from and how long they had been hidden away is pretty fascinating. You have killed the boredom on many a night shift at my job, let me assure you.

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