Obama rug

Obama Oval Office rugVisitor Mark A has sent me a fantastic picture of the 23 x 30-foot Obama rug for the Oval Office, created by Scott Group Custom Carpets, the same company that created previous carpets for the Oval Office, State Dining Room, and (I believe) Air Force One.

I was able to straighten it out and create a simulated overhead view that is very convincing and fairly high resolution. This adds to our little collection of recreations that include the Bush 2, Clinton, and Reagan rugs, but this is certainly the best of them. Thanks to Mark and special thanks to the Scott Group!

4 thoughts on “Obama rug

  1. Not pretty, but it goes with the couches and lamps, which also are not pretty. I frankly was surprised to learn that a professional designer was involved in selecting those items.

  2. I actually like the rug a lot, and I like the couches and lamps slightly more than those they replaced. However, I am decidedly against the stripey walls.

  3. The striped wallpaper harkens back to Jackie Kennedy’s Blue Room, decorated by Maison Jansen, which was a spectacular success after the Eisenhower era! Love it!

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