New front page – site down

I put a new snowy image on the front page of the site.

At this writing, the site is temporarily down. This is true of my other sites as well, so it seems to be a GoDaddy problem.

EDIT 30 minutes later… Everything seems back to normal now.

6 thoughts on “New front page – site down

  1. Love the wintry White House. I see the lights on in the family kitchen. Perhaps First Mama is feedin’ the kids, or maybe First Dad sneaked in to rob the fridge. Or maybe all four (or five) are havin’ a family meal in a snug setting, up close and personal. State rooms below, but also state rooms on 2. I can see why some former lessees did not find the place to be “home.”
    But we nosey one still like lookin’ in on where folks live.

  2. The catalog has the 2 volume William Seale The Presidents House second edition for $19.95. The catalog offers free shipping and handling until March 31.

  3. Mr. Jensen,

    I admired your excellent colorization of Pres. Lincoln you did a while ago. Would you be able to colorize other American CW photos also for a fee?

    Larry Freiheit

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