I’ve deleted my Facebook account

I haven’t used my Facebook account to get to the Facebook White House Fanatics pages in a long time, largely because I really never liked Facebook. I’ve never used my account for anything else, and I’ve become annoyed recently at being contacted by

  • People I haven’t known for 30 years adding me as a friend
  • The way I’ve unintentionally authorized access to my Facebook account information when commenting on other Websites
  • The long history of Facebook privacy scandals (most recently the one in which founder Mark Zuckerberg’s own private photos were accessed)

If you get a message saying I’ve “defriended” you or deleted my account or whatever, rest assured it isn’t personal. I don’t hate you.

I just hate Facebook.

2 thoughts on “I’ve deleted my Facebook account

  1. I’m still on there but the flaws with facebook have frustrated me as well. I’m really careful with how I facebook, but it’s hard when they summarily change things on you and a cushion/protection you relied upon disappears and leaves you vulnerable.

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