Turn of the century

I’ve added some new pictures from the early 1900s that I’ve just found. They enhance the TR and Taft era nicely.

I’ve also changed the front page, this time to a photo of the Clinton music room on the third floor that I first used over a year ago.

19 thoughts on “Turn of the century

  1. GREAT new photos, many unseen before. But could you change the caption on the Treaty Room photo from July that says it is looking west? It just drives me crazy . As always: thank you for this amazing site and all you do!

  2. One more thing about the old Monroe room, and after watching C-Span Book TV with Caroline Kennedy addressing her mother’s wit: I’ve read that Jacqueline Kennedy said of that Monroe room sofa-given during the Eisenhower years-that it was so uncomfortable, after sitting on it she believed that family lore that Monroe died on it! Can’t cite the source. The sofa was in the rather stiff Kennedy East hallway for a while.

  3. Great to see the old pictures when we can spot (under the scarf) the current Blue Room Monroe center table, and the Jackson East Room tables, and the Wilson Benjamin Franklin portrait over the door. NBC nightly news had a photo of the current yellow room before Thursday’s state dinner; the sofas look grey, a bow to Jacqueline Kennedy’s original brown, and her sofa arrangement has been restored.

  4. Wish the current administration would release more upstairs photos of the WH. The glimpse of new sofa fabric wasw such a tease, they look blue grey similar to Benjamin Moore “Night Train”. Who has seen even one shot of the upstairs centre hall???

  5. For the splash page, it’s a nice picture of the 3rd floor music room, but the caption still says “Monroe Room (Treaty Room) 1960”! No matter… I LOVE your site!

  6. HI Derek,

    I know such detail can frustrate to keep accurate, but the extra work you do is appreciated. You have no idea how often I still navigate around this site each day. I’m in here all the time. Thanks for all you do.

  7. I echo Pete entirely. Your work on this site still amazes and serves as an incredible resource to so many of us who share your passion. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. I found this video online and thought you might enjoy it. From 1968 we have Lady Bird Johnson giving a talk about the white house, the model of class and elegance she always was, as well as a few comments from President Johnson who seems rather maudlin, unsurprising given that period in US history.

  9. Just returned from D.C. and saw the White House exhibit across the street at the Renwick. Interesting groupings, with an original oval room Bellange chair covered as it first was in crimson and gold silk. Eye popping, next to Andrew Jackson’s pier table and an east Room chair. Grant’s cabinet room sofa, and TR’s Blue Room chairs are featured, and Daniel Webster’s sofa formerly in the green room. Called “Something of Splendor,” it also shows the ordinary: an Eleanor Roosevelt Val Kill table, and Truman’s bedroom chest used by other Presidents. Don’t miss the Chinese tea box lined with Dolley Madison’s drawing room wallpaper. Worth a visit, with remarks on film by L Bush, R Carter and Presidential daughters.

  10. I hated the bulletproofing treatment of the historic WH windows, but as recent events have unfolded, thank God they were installed!. A sad commentary on the times we live in. The Yellow Oval Room really dodged a bullet!

  11. I agree Mike B. I just saw pictures of a team on the Truman Balcony examining the outer wall and center window of the Yellow Oval Room. The guy has been officially charged with attempting to assassinate. The article stated that Barrack and Michelle weren’t at home, but no one would confirm or deny if the girls were home at the time. I just got home from D.C. and a couple nights before this happened I was walking with a friend in that exact area at the same time the shooting ended up happening. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d been there, seeing him shooting at “our” White House, well besides hit the ground. Don’t know if I would have been brave enough to tackle him as those guys did a few years ago on the North side. I hope there are no “knee-jerk” reactions by security. I wonder how often Mr. Truman’s balcony will be used in the near future….it’ll probably be too cold anyway..right?

  12. Yes, Stephen, the only event coming up is the Christmas tree lighting. Security will be even more awesome! We are living proof that most White House fanatics are about protecting that building, not shooting at it!

  13. ….saw a Christnas tree in the Oval Office today, and no mention of Christmas theme 2011 in the media. What gives?? By now, there should have been a flurry of media exposure! Do we just wait??

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