Front page – back to Monroe Room

I’ve switched the front page back to the 1960 Monroe Room, which I had planned for July before Betty Ford passed away.

12 thoughts on “Front page – back to Monroe Room

  1. Any news about the hurricane’s effects on the White House and grounds? I know some trees are of significant age and precarious condition.

  2. Not that I’ve found. The Washington Monument suffered significant damage from the quake, but I couldn’t find anything suggesting the White House suffered anything more than a shimmy.

  3. Those chandeliers haven’t swayed so much since the Truman era, just before the reconstruction!

  4. has great WH pics from the Mamie Eisenhower era. The pre-JBK images are fascinating! Worth the visit to this site.

  5. Hey Derek, don’t you have any new photos to put up yet? Any other historic ones laying around for us to see? I’m a huge fan of this site, by the way, and have just finished reading William Seale’s masterful, two-volume book about the WH and its fascinating history!

  6. Speaking of being tired of watching the Obamas looking at the TV, the caption is incorrect. The view is looking southeast.

    I also LOVE this site and thank you Derek for creating it.

  7. I know just after the WHM was created by Derek we were finding and adding pictures like crazy. I recall Derek saying at some point that finding relevant and new photos, even historic ones would be less and less frequent over time. The fact that few updates take place is not surprising. I myself still click on this site each and every day.

  8. Enjoying the oral history of Jacqueline Kennedy. Disc 4 has her talking about her restoration, and her life in the White House. The entire series of discs are really great to hear. You get to hear her as she was in a casual setting. I highly recommend the book/CD set.

  9. An examination of pre- and post-Truman reconstruction photos demonstrates that the second floor of the White House west of the Lincoln and Queens’ suites was raised and the remainder of that floor was lowered. The result is that the ramp from the landing to the East Sitting Hall has only a slight rise. It appears that the threshold of the doorway from the Yellow Oval Room now is level with the floor of the Truman Balcony. That must mean that in 1948-49 there was a step up from the Oval Room to the Balcony or that the Balcony floor itself was also raised at the time of the reconstruction.
    Does anyone have information about this?

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