New front page: Monroe Room, 1960

I’ve changed the front page to one of the Treaty Room back when it was the Monroe Room in 1960. I’ve always liked that decor.

14 thoughts on “New front page: Monroe Room, 1960

  1. That chandelier is one of my favourites in the White House. Pity that we don’t see the Obama version of this room!! Why so secretive about the second floor rooms??

  2. I noticed the July 2nd photo dump included one listed as the Vice President’s office. Although the color is the same (or similar), I highly doubt it is his West Wing Office– note the chairs, which do not match those in other photos of the WWOffice, but besides that, and most importantly, the window is certainly not one found in the West Wing. There are no muntins (grids) in this window, which all 1st floor WW offices have. The window also does not stretch to the floor, as all 1st floor WW offices do.

    I would say that this perhaps the VPs private study at the Naval Observatory, if not his own private home.

  3. You can see the fire escape through the window in that photo. I think it is on the west side. It is obvious that old Joe is fond of very blue walls.

  4. Hmmm, I don’t know why a White House photog would go to the Naval Observatory to get that photo, but I’m willing to believe that’s where it is. The captions from the White House Flickr feed usually include the location, but this one just says…

    Vice President Joe Biden calls Frances Soehartono, a Chrysler employee at the Jefferson North Plant in Michigan to thank her for her work at Chrysler and for Chrysler’s repayment of U.S. Government loans ahead of schedule, in Washington, DC, May 24, 2011. Vice President Biden also called Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and UAW President Bob King. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

  5. That is at the Naval Observatory. The phone is the style that they use and you can see out the window. The WH photographers always travels with the Vice President.

  6. Great to have the pic of the Obamas in front of the tv in the Treaty Room (although the President in white shirt and slacks is not dressed for “hangin’ out” with family). Maybe the First Dad just popped in for a moment for a photo op as the family was watching the latest arrival in the mail from Netflix!
    We must respect the privacy of the First Family, but it would be great to see candid photos of them actually “living” in the White House residential quarters.

  7. Duane-

    I took a less cynical approach from the pic. Let’s be clear here. Any pic the president takes could be considered a photo op. We are talking about the world’s most photographed person. On the day the pic was taken the family went to church. The gray slacks and white shirt was what the president wore. The first lady and daughters changed their clothes which is expected. If anyone is accustomed to slacks and buttoned shirts it would be the president.
    All were gathered in his personal office as you said. To me, I can picture the president working on the debt ceiling compromise (not a bad guess) and they come in with salsa and chips to entice him watch some American soccer (his daughters play soccer.) Watching sports with shoes off and snacks on the table with family is as candid as any presidential family pic that I’ve ever seen.

  8. I’ve got a question unrelated to this. This is the only place I can think of to ask it.

    In the following picture/diagram of the Oval Office Patio, what is the large brown area in the middle? My only guess is a large skylight, but pictures of the West Wing’s ground flood don’t show such a window.

  9. That space used to be a sunken court with windows all around the inside of it. It allowed sunlight down to the ground level of the West Wing where the Situation Room, Navy Mess, and other rooms were. Today, it is covered over with what is probably a roof structure so that the space under it could be dedicated to other purposes.

  10. I believe the reason we don’t see any Obama family quarters is so as not to draw criticism for spending money in these tough times. Nancy Reagan learned this the hard way when she showed off her–privately financed–renovation of the second and third floors in Architectural Digest. If the President is re-elected, I suppose they’ll be less sensitive to criticism and we’ll see more…and they’ll likely order china, etc.

    Also, just a note on the caption of the Treaty Room photo: it says that the view is looking west. I believe it’s actually a southeastern view with the photographer positioned in front of the hidden door to the small powder room located in the curve of the Yellow Oval Room next door.

  11. Nick: I think you are exactly correct about the dining room — unless Old Joe has painted a whole lot more rooms that ubiquitous shade of blue!. The dining room window has the bottom of the fire escape just outside of it.

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